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Heal. Grow. Become.

As a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW) Valerie has over 22 years of experience helping individuals realize their true potential.   She has worked in a variety of settings from child protection, mental health, senior care, to military and veterans.   These experiences have allowed her to understand the unique challenges people face on a daily basis and how they cope with life stresses.

Valerie understand how issues of worry (anxiety) can block you from living the life you truly desire. We all get anxious from time to time, but worry becomes a problem when it interferes with you moving forward. We often feel unhappy in our jobs, relationships, home, etc, but really those are symptoms of a larger problem. Her unique gift is to zero in on your old beliefs that keep you locked in patterns that no longer serve you.  Valerie helps improve your coping and problem solving skills so you feel more calm, centered and hopeful.

Areas of Expertise: Anxiety related disorders, major life transitions (divorce, career change, moving), depression including bipolar, & trauma from abuse and/or neglect.

Valerie’s very passionate about the work she does and enjoy helping people through transitional times in their lives and coaching them to be their best self. She strives to be knowledgeable and proficient about the latest therapeutic techniques through constantly challenging herself to learn new skills.

Holistic: Valerie believes you don’t treat just symptoms, you treat the entire person. She’ll be asking you questions not just about yourself and your present situation but also your work, education, financial issues, health, family of origin, medications and so on.  What has worked and not worked for you? What are you hoping for from this partnership? She’ll make suggestions to help you move toward achieving your stated goals, but you’re always at choice whether or not to use the ideas.  Valerie just wants you to feel your best.


  • Master of Social Work, University of Minnesota
  • Bachelor of Social Work, Western Michigan University
  • Certified Case Manager, The Commission of Case Management
  • Certified Life Coach, Learning Journey’s International Center of Coaching
  • Level 2 Emotional Freedom Therapist

Why choose Us?

Inner Wisdom Therapy is a private mental health practice for individuals (ages 15 +) who want to improve their circumstance in a no nonsense, compassionate, and fun way. Don’t just survive, but thrive and live your best life! We’re conveniently located in Puyallup, WA just a short distance off of Hwy 512 on the corner of 39th Ave and 9th ST SW. Behind Gateway Realty.

At the heart of our work is YOU. We strive to build a strong relationship of trust so you can focus on healing your past to move toward a life that’s more enriched and satisfied.

What would your life look like if you no longer had to struggle alone? Life can be hard, but it can also be wonderful. You don’t have to go it alone. At Inner Wisdom Therapy, Valerie is an experienced counselor that can help you discover and experience news ways of thinking and being to use in your everyday life so you no longer feel stuck, sad, or angry.


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3911 9th St SW #204 Puyallup, WA 98373