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First, we work together to find problems we can fix

  • Feeling stuck and don’t know how to move forward?
  • Repeating patterns of: poor relationships, feeling empty, angry/frustrated, poor decisions.
  • Worried all the time, about everything and can’t turn your mind off?
  • Sad-no joy in life, lack of interest in most things, isolate from others, don’t go out?

How can we solve it? How do we help?

  • We help you get clear of what you’re feeling, the source of your unhappiness and where it’s showing up in other areas of your life.
  • We pinpoint your behaviors that keep you locked in the same patterns, thus getting no where.
  • We give you suggestions, aka homework, of how to create the change you seek. You’re not left to your own devices to figure it out. Need to quiet the mind, try this not that, etc based upon your interests, skills, etc.
  • There’s an exchange of insights to give you ah ha moments.

Our Approach to Treatment

We partner together to identify your goals of treatment.  You’re the best source of information about yourself so we’ll begin with your strengths and resources. We provide trauma-informed care, meaning a treatment structure that involves understanding, recognizing and responding to effects  of trauma in a safe environment so you can regain your sense of control and peace.

As a solution-focused therapist we help you re-discover your greater self, your inner wisdom to resolve issues of depression, anxiety, or other troubling concerns by learning different coping skills to create the life you want.

A combination of:

  • CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)
  • Solution-focused therapy
  • EFT (emotional freedom technique)
  • Attachment based theory
  • Relational theory
  • Life Coaching and spiritual exploration

These are some methods used to help you reach your goals. You’re always at choice whether or not to utilize such methods.  Just remember you’re here because you want to change. Change is a call to action for you to begin expanding your awareness of what is possible.  It’s through your actions in which your life will improve. Inner Wisdom Therapy, LLC is here to help you discover a path in which to live the life you want.

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